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Training Your Mind

Training Your Mind

Stevie Haston again knocks it out of the park with another humorous yet pointed article (or should we call it poetry?) on the important role your mind plays in training. I’m often solicited blog content from other writers. I’ve found these pitches to be hollow–someone trying to leverage a business idea, usually. I do like the idea of having other voices on my site, however, so I’m going to pick them instead. Haston, whom I’ve referenced before, if a grandfather in his mid 50s who still training and performs harder than many 20-year-old “professionals”. His stream-of-consciousness writing style is beholden to neither marketing nor convention, even when it comes to things like punctuation and spelling. Pulling no punches, Haston’s writing requires that you take a long look at yourself and your habits prior to making excuses. It’s an angle that I never grow tired of. The gist of today’s posting is, essentially, do you really want it?

The third step is food, or the lack of it. Total elimination of food will happen at the end of this month, after a visit to the winter trade show. I will allow myself a few Weisse beers, and then I will remind myself that nothings tastes as good as clipping the chains. Target weight under 65kgs, my mind is already rebelling, we will see who is stronger……

I often wonder if the spelling/grammar/etc. errors are purposeful. I could ask but I don’t actually want to know. To me, it adds yet another cop out for those who wish to avoid the facts. My academic friends joke about a tactic many students take when backed into a corner.  They begin to rattle off theory or authors until they find one you aren’t familiar with. Then they dismiss the debate with “then you couldn’t possible understand.” Haston challenges you like that. You can easily find mistakes, holes in his logic, or lack of attempt at logic, or  errors, grammar, etc, and use them as rationale to ignore his advice and/or example. This I find entertaining, because his stance is very simple. It  begins and ends with you.  If things aren’t going to plan, then work harder and change it. How can you quibble with that?

So what are you waiting for? Git after it! Either right away or, ya know, after a few Weisse beers.

pic: stevie haston, probably by laurence gouault.haston (click for more radness)


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