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Training, Movies, and Fitness Nerds

Training, Movies, and Fitness Nerds

Denis Faye, probably known to you as Beachbody’s Advice Staff and/or the Fitness (now Nutrition) Nerd, has a past that includes a lot of work in the film industry. While he’s now pretty much a full-time nutrition pro, he keeps his ear to the ground on Hollywood matters by, in part, moonlighting as a columnist for the Writers Guild of America. For your post-weekend hangover (an exercise-induced one, for me, as my arms hurt right now just typing), here’s an interview Denis and I did on the history and accuracy of athletic training in the movies.

I, too, have some film credentials and, in fact, Denis and I first met discussing movies more than 20 years ago. This article is sort of a amalgamation of our history, as we discuss what Hollywood gets both wrong and right in its quest to portray training for sports. Click on the link below for what I think is a pretty fun read, or the link above for the dumbest (and thus probably raddest) training montage of all time.

Ever since Rocky punched his first side of beef, this has been the standard Hollywood method when it comes to athletic training – but how accurate is it? To find out, Technically Speaking sat down with fitness professional Steve Edwards. Steve’s lengthy career includes training, coaching, writing, filming, and competing in dozens of athletic pursuits, the most recent being the Yak Attack, a 400km mountain bike race over the Himalayas, peaking at 5416m above sea level. He also provides the science behind the popular P90X and Insanity DVD workout series and is a self-confessed movie geek. (Full disclosure: I’ve known Steve for over 20 years and spent my last two years of college sitting on his couch, watching Evil Dead II and Barfly in a constant loop.)

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