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Training to Train

Just finished my first easy morning yoga session since early summer. My legs are still sore from about 5 minutes of simple functional movements a couple of days ago. It’s Nov 1st, which means the my pre-training training must now officially commence. After each summer, no matter how much I’ve raced or climbed or what kind of shape I’m in, I’m not ready for hard training. Nothing prepares you for the rigors of training except for training. In fact, the fitter you are the more damage you can inflict on yourself when you get back into the gym. After doing this many too many times to myself, I now begin my training periods with a rather long and boring prep period.

Starting today, each morning will feature some yoga and breathing exercises. Three times per week I’ll do some functional cross fit movements, twice a week I’ll force myself into the climbing gym to train on the systems wall. This way, when my training program begins in the last week of this month I’ll be ready to work without having to worry about limping around for the entire holiday season.

pics: a big loop around tahoe from my parent’s house. the base is good. now all i need is some power and technique.

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