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Training Update: Man, March Sucked

Following two good months of base training with a recovery month is sorta missing the whole point of base training. Unfortunately, with the year’s first test only three weeks away, that’s where I’m at.

Not sure how worried about this I should be but I’ve been sick; a lot. For over a month now I haven’t been 100%. I get well enough to do something and the relapse into whateverthehell this thing is I’ve got going on. I should be worried, I guess, but I suppose it’s just some mutated virus that’s killing people somewhere and I’m just making my immune system stronger. Um, yeah, that’s it.

With a 50 mile running race three weeks away, it’s probably not too good that I didn’t manage 50 total miles in March. I probably had only 5 or 6 total runs, maybe, and even less real bike rides, and zero days of skiing. I walked a lot with Tuco, who seems surprised at my lack of being able to keep up with him, and worked a lot, though not very productively as illness always affects my brain’s ability to function, too. All I did towards my year end goals was knock off a few 5.12s.

So, April should be interesting. I kind of like getting ready for events without enough prep time. I qualified for the US Team one year on three weeks of training, but that was for Olympic distance, not an ultra. Plus, I had a great base. Plus, I wasn’t sick. Oh, well, new challenges are always interesting. That’s how we learn. Maybe, at least, it will make for some good blogging since I haven’t had much of that lately either.

All I can say to sum up is, in my best Austrian accent, I’ll be back.

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