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A Trick For Holiday Cheer, And A Very Wee Challenge

A Trick For Holiday Cheer, And A Very Wee Challenge

A great study was released recently showing that the trick for getting through the holidays unscathed was… exercise. But before you say “bah, humbug,” consider that the participants got to eat all they wanted during the revelry. That’s not so bad, is it? Denis Faye, who generally posts his finiding here, instead tossed this little nugget to the members of the Team Beachbody Message Boards. You don’t need to be a member to read it.

Researchers at the University of Bath, England asked 26 healthy young men to pork out in the name of science. Half the group was inactive and half the group paid a daily visit to the treadmill. (Calorie intakes were skewed so that they all had the same daily calorie surplus.) After just one week, all the participants suffered negative shifts in metabolism, including reduced blood sugar control. However, the impact was considerably lower for the exercise group.

Yep, that’s right. You can, kind of, out exercise a bad diet. At least for a while. In the study those who exercised at more but still did better than those who didn’t. While it ain’t shocking, exercise is a great equalizer. It forces metabolic changes that can burn through calories all day long. If you want to engage in some holiday cheer, have at it. Just do some exercise as well.

In my post-birthday challenge hangover, I’ve been slacking. Therefore, when my buddy Bob challenged our little group to a simple–yet not so simple–little adventure to get through the last 10 days of the year we all jumped on it. Here it is.

10 miles a day of: running, hiking, walking, running, riding, skiing, paddling, or pretty much anything that doesn’t have an engine. You can combine things, just not days.

100 reps of each: pull-ups, push-ups, ab exercises, squats.

While a pretty easy challenge, in general, it might be interesting when holed up at my parents in a snowstorm. It’s probably why god invented snowshoes. And trees and gloves.

Join us, and get fitter through the holidays. Then you can start your real training on New Year’s Day.

Ho, ho, ho.



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