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Tuesdays Are For Training

Tuesdays Are For Training

If you’re a weekend warrior athlete Tuesday should be your big weekday session. It’s reputation amongst my friends is such that suggestion of doing something other than training on Tuesday nights elicits blank stares as, clearly, you’d forgotten what day of the week it was. This is certainly why my challenge serendipitously begins on Tuesday.

There’s a lot more at work there than tradition. If your weekends center around getting things done, you need to be rested going into them. If you plan on improving over the course of those weekends you also need to train. In a perfect scenario you’ll train periodizaitonally–like P90X/X2/X3–during an “off-season” and then integrate that fitness into your sport. Regardless, there’s always a season where you focus on sport and in that world, Tuesday reigns supreme.

During this challenge Tuesdays are, by far, the biggest training day of the week. Here’s my Tuesday template.

Wake up, drink two glasses of water (take supps)
AM restorative yoga with breath and internal work
AM work session
Dog hike with X2 warm-up and run drills
Breakfast (yes, I eat late and after easy exercise)
work session
Climb (outside or in) for 1-2hrs
Shakeology (w/ supps/maca/chia so it’s a sports food w/ less sugar)
Climbing training (Phil’s foundation workout or my similar workout, features campusing, fingerboard, etc)
Beachbody workout (strength training)
NIS stretch session
Work session
Dogs hike, more drills
Decidedly-short bit of family time
Beachbody restorative workout

I mean, at least on the days I’m not at Mongolian judo training

pic: no one trains more religiously on tuesday than phil requist

Steve’ 53rd Birthday Challenge

Join the Challenge and win stuff!

Beachbody Workout of the Day
Day 1 will be Power 90. More on this tomorrow.

Daily Stats/Challenge Goals

Reading & questions answered: /2809 (53/day)

Servings of Shakeology: /53
Days of Ultimate Reset: /5.3
Days taking supplements: /53
Days of no alcohol: /53
Days of no meat: /53
Coffee Cycles (more on this later): /5.3
King Pin fritters: /5

Beachbody workouts: /53
Push-ups: /5300
Jumping jacks: /5300
Ab moves: /5300
Crunches: /5300
Ab Ripper X Moves: /5300
Beast back day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast chest day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast shoulder day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast leg day: /53,000 lbs.
Beast arm day: /53,000 lbs.
P90X2 functional warm-up: /53
Running drills: /53
Neuro-integrating stretching: /53
Iron Mind gripper and extensor band reps: /5300
Breath hold sessions: /53
Stabilizer sessions: /53
Internal Organ Training: /53
5.11 Climbs: /5
5.12 Climbs: /3
5.11 Boulder transverses: /5
5.12 Boulder transverses: /3
Campus board movements: /530
Climb-specific pull-ups: /530
Cycling on road bike: /53 miles
Cycling on mountain bike: /53 miles
Cycling on cyclocross bike: /53 miles
Cycling on time trial bike: /53 miles
Cycling on fixed gear bike: /53 miles
Cycling on single speed bike: /53 miles
Cycling on tandem bike: /53 miles
Hiking: /53 miles
Running: /53 miles
30 minutes of rowing: /5 times
30 minutes of elliptical: /5 times
30 minutes of swimming: /5 times

Tasks for his wife: /53
Chores around the house: /53
Tasks for his dogs: /53

Blog posts: /53 – 1 (4)
Team Beachbody Instructional Videos: /5
Team Beachbody Video Chat /5
Days keeping these stats: /53

A Few Challenges of Yore

2000 – 40 Days of Hell
2003 – Get Back To Reality
2006 – This is Gonna Hurt
2007 – My Blood Must Be Fully Replaced Each Year
2010 – Birthday Tribute from 67 friends
2012 – Making Lemonade

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