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Unhappy Meals

This is the kind of stuff I might write on a reactionary day, albeit with great detail. It’s great, for the most part, and will worth your time (12 pages, so it takes some) if you’re concerned with your health. It’s by the guy who wrote the Ommnivoire’s Dilemma, Michael Pollan.

There are a couple points of conjecture that I’ll address now. First, in regards to the female study where he does a bit of math to state they lied, he could be flawed (though I complete agree about their lying over how many calories they are eating). I’ve had many clients (hundreds, if not thousands on the Message Boards) that do get stuck in low cal mode and can’t drop weight. This is especially true if one is on an exercise program. If you undereat chronically your body will shut down your metabolic processes, in a survival-type response, in an attempt to keep you alive. So an under eater will go into an overtrained state, resulting in a weight plateau.

He also states that science shows that supplements don’t work. This is not true. They often, if not most of the time, don’t work as advertised (which I believe is his point) and there is definitely a huge issue with taking supplements and your normal diet due to your body’s pH balance, meaning a healthier person eating a balanced diet will benefit more from supplements than someone eating crap. But they can aid your diet, for certain. There are plenty of studies to show efficacy. Besides that, I have trial and errored just about everything on the planet. I know when something is doing something and when it’s not.

Regardless, it’s a fine piece of research and should be considered.


Unhappy Meals

It’s the NY Times, so you may have to sign up (which is free)


  • Steve,I just wanted to say “thank you” for all the good advice you have shared over the years at Beachbody. I have been doing Tony’s programs with great success for over 3 years, and fortunate to call him one of my friends too. In fact, I am snowboarding with him this week (well, he skis).I did not realize that you were in the Salt Lake City area. We are practically neighbors. I am in Springville, just 40 miles south.Anyway, thanks again! It’s fun to hear about your training.Dale Christensen

  • Thanks, Dale!Where are you guys skiing/boarding? Is Tony in town? It’s going to hit 50 today. I’ll be climbing up in American Fork!Cheermate,Steve

  • Steve!I just printed this article to read it. I am currently going to the U with a minor in nutrition and plan on going on to do a Master in nutrition also… You’re my hero!I too live in SLC…

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