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January 31, 2011 posted by

Vacationing From Meat At Taco Bell

Things have been a little heady here at TSD lately so let’s lighten them with a little fast food fun. I suppose, if fast food were a staple of your diet, this might bring the wrong kind of yuck but, c’mon, if you’ve bothered to tune in here for very long these places can’t still be on the menu, right?

As we should all know by now, the names of fast food items are merely marketing titles. They have nothing to do with what’s actually in the food. These restaurants flavor their food to taste like anything they want so words like “beef”, “chicken”, and “ice cream” are merely suggestions they are making for what could be pretty much anything, from corn and soy by products to sand.

Still, last week’s headlines news that Taco Bell’s “beef” didn’t meet the USDA’s minimum requirement of 40% beef in its ingredients seems to shock some people. Never mind the question as to why the USDA’s requirement for beef is only 40%, today’s topic is—as was the popular McRib post a couple of months ago—is what the hell is in fast food?

For our answer, we turn to Stephen Colbert, who gives us one of the more inspired comedic sketches in memory. My hope is that you’re all in position to laugh instead of being worried about your diet.

The embed codes won’t load so click here to see the video. Genius.


  • Sand!?! Really?!? Now THAT's thinking outside the bun! My stomach hurts now.. time for a Shakeology! Although I do find it funny that the people that were interviewed off the street don't really care because they know they're "getting what we pay for at .89 for a taco." As always Steve, thanks for sharing!

  • Re: the silicon dioxide in their burritos: "it's like your mouth has gone to the beach – to take a vacation from meat." Awesome.

  • Wow that was hilarious! =] and yet sad at the same time. It's pretty scary to know that people actually ingest that stuff. I mean if you want sand just go to a beach it's free there and you can eat all you want lol. But really I also loved how he refereed to; Isolated Oat Product, Anti-dusting Agent and Silicon Dioxide as "Seasonings and Spice Ingredients". As always great article Steve!

  • LOL! Great video. Thanks for sharing. It just reinforces the info we all know, just in a more funny way. Stay out of fast food, period. LOL.

  • I don't know. I mean, Taco Bell tastes bad – so that's a reason not to go there. But, if you only want to put "pure" shit in your body, you're gonna have to be pretty picky. And frankly, I'm not sure we should eliminate all bad things from our lives in the name of, what, longevity? Bus could kill ya tomorrow. Hell, the North Koreans could kill you tomorrow. While there is certainly cause for caution, and while eating healthy helps to make days more enjoyable and energetic, I think there's something to be said for enjoying our short lives on this planet. And so, if the local burrito joint makes a delicious burrito quickly and cheaply, then I gonna eat it. (As long as there ain't chicken in it, since that's basically the same thing as stepping in front of a bus or walking into Peongyeong with an American flag as a cape.)And, In-n-Out makes a pretty good burger. I think there's one on Radcliffe.-Josh

  • The point, I think, is that Taco Bell is finding a lot of shit (by products of various production faclities: corn, soy, paint, whatever) that your corner burrito stand will never be privy to and then filling up their "taco" with 65% of what is literally, pre-meditated garbage. That's a frickload different than the bit of dirt that got mixed into the meat at El Buen.

  • Yeah, Taco Bell sucks. But most food establishments are buying their bulk ingredients from just a few wholesalers; while they might be better than TBs, they're probably also cutting their ground meats with fillers. Frankly, ground beef without any additives (like salt, cumin, paprika, etc.) tastes pretty bad. And ground beef in a taco or burrito is kind of dumb to begin with. Lengua anyone?Btw, there's a Taco John's ad on your blog page right now. Rad! "The Fresh Taste of West-Mex"They must be trying to target your readership – very savvy.J

  • So that means Taco Bell is only 35% away from being vegetarian…….Just kidding.Very interesting article.I just kind of "discovered" your blog through my P90X training and following Tony on facebook, and am going through older blog entries.The only problem I see, is that "fast food" is very convienent. I just wish there were some real wholesome good-for-you foods that were delivered with a fast food service.

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