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Vertical Sailing

Vertical Sailing

Here’s a great, modern adventure for your weekend Psyche. Even if you’re not a climber or sailor, the scope of this epic, along with the amazing attitude of its participants under often harrowing conditions (being jokingly understated), is something worth reveling in. It’s a very fun way to make whatever you’re up to this weekend, no matter how much it pushes you, seem like it could be worse. Or better, depending on your perspective on type 2 fun.

From UK Climbing:

In this five-part series from Patagonia, climbers Nico Favresse, Olivier Favresse, Seán Villanueva and Ben Ditto ship out for the summer with Captain Bob Shepton on his 33-foot sailboat in search of unclimbed big walls rising out of Greenland’s fjords. The nine first ascents made by the team, and the style in which they were made, garnered them a Piolet d’Or. Don’t miss episode 3, which is an absolute classic. – I thought 2 and 5 were pretty cool, too.


  • Anna Patitucci Enjoyed it. Impressive (and fun).
    October 10 at 11:09pm · Unlike · 1
    Benjamin Ditto Hey Steve, I’m honored to see you post this link to our adventures…Thanks for your own inspirational acts!
    October 11 at 3:31am · Unlike · 1
    Steve Edwards Hey Ben, great to hear from you! I see you went back for more this year. So cool. Very jealous of it, too, but a lot of that comes from how you guys underly your burliness. You’re doing some serious baddass adventuring and I hope people know enough to appreciate that aspect.
    October 11 at 8:16am · Like · 1
    Benjamin Ditto Yeah Steve! We only do it for the LOVE! Though it always is cool when we get a little nod from someone in the know!
    October 11 at 9:55am · Unlike · 1

  • The comments were messing up again so testing some stuff.

  • Even my parents liked this. And they think most of my adventures are ridiculous. Maybe I should take more 75 year olds climbing.

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