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Video of “To Beast Or Not To Beast”

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Here’s the follow up to last week’s post about our Body Beast program. Denis and I go over the questions I received and answer even more. If you’re not sure what Beast is, whether it’s the right program for you, or how to work it into your existing training plan you’ll want to check it out. We had over 700 viewers and got to all of their questions so we’re betting there’s a good chance you’re covered.


  • Thanks for answering my question Steve. Much appreciated. Thought I would give you something to return the favor-

  • Surely you guys could do something cooler with the green screen.meh.

  • Thanks so much for that chat. I learned an awful lot, though it prompted some more questions as well:1) I'm finishing up a second round of X2 and planned on BB next after doing Ultimate Reset. How much body fat would I expect to put on with BB? Cutting is always harder and I don't want to put on a bunch of muscle at the expense of putting on a bunch of fat. I'm probably around 9-10% body fat right now.2) When you were talking about periodization and combining programs, you made the point that you can do hybrids, but you won't get the same results as you would doing each separately at different times. As I mentioned, I'm doing my second round of X2 now, but it's a hybrid with marathon training. So I do 3 runs a week (speed work, tempo run, and long run) on non-strength X2 days (so no yoga or plyo), with X2 strength days in between. So are you saying that my marathon training would likely go better if I weren't doing any strength? I'm hoping to qualify for Boston and would consider backing off some strength to make that happen. I have felt pretty gassed lately (not doing Base and Back this week… it feels like too much). I always thought strength training was so important for all sports, including running.3) You mentioned how a little protein can piggy back on results and recovery formula following your workout, but that really, the R&R is most important first, and then have your protein 20 someodd minutes later. I'd always read that protein immediately following strength workouts was imperative. So on strength days, I've been adding 30 grams whey isolate to my R&R immediately after my workout. Are you saying I'd be better off having R&R first, wait for X minutes, and then have my protein? If so, will you explain why this is important?Thanks again for your time and for the chat. Like I said, learned a great deal!Matthew

  • Can get into more details on the Message Boards, so ask these there. In short,3 – R & R has all the protein you can utilize in the one-hour window. I said add protein to sugar, which is FAR MORE VITAL when you glycogen stores are shot. Anything beyond this won't digest in the window and ends up slowing recovery. Lots of post-workout protein simply impairs you ability to recovery because until glycogen stores are replenished you are doing muscle damage.2 – Yes, you should greatly reduce the amount of "other" training if you want to get fast. Dig through my training schedules and you'll see. In the off-season I'm dong a ton of Beachbody-type exercise. Close to races, especially important ones, I do almost none. 1 – You can't quantify that. It depends on how much you eat. I'm not sure, if qualifying for Boston is your goal, that doing Reset and then Beast is going to help you at all. Fun body experiment though.

  • Thanks Steve. I actually did post in the message boards first but got impatient. 🙂 I'll follow up there.- Matthew

  • BTW, much better sound on this ustream video. Recent sessions have been really hard to hear.

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