June 6, 2011 posted by topadmin

video test

This was going to be retro Monday, as I need to go back through my popular old posts and update them for this new site for things ilk “optimization for SEO” and other such tech terms. This got me thinking about TPS reports, and other things we’re often forced to do that just seem wrong. You know, the stuff that make us say “we don’t have a lot of time on the earth. We weren’t meant to spend it this way.” So I’m going to leave Mondays open to the possibilities of it all.

I spent a fair amount of time scouring the interweb for heath news, tracking down studies, and other things that lead me to fall upon odd things that happen while perpetuating the human condition. When something seems worthy, this is where I’ll share it. Think of it as an alternative when you can’t get away to Chotskies for coffee.

As with all the features on this blog, it’s time permitting (so there’s a 100% change is won’t happen weekly), but at least until we get the SEO score back up to snuff, the weekends will be bookended with motivation (Psyche) and Mundays, which will be a combination of dusting off old popular posts from The Straight Dope archives and odd tidbits from cyber space (part 2 of this is funnier). This will save any serious reading for mid week, and spare you having to come in on the weekends.

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