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Viral Insanity


  • LOL! I was laughing through most of those. Thanks for posting. I subscribed to the guy's channel, but unfortunately he hasn't posted any more videos yet. Hopefully he continued.

  • That is so funny.

  • HAHAHA I am laughing my ass off watching this. This guy is having a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with insanity. HAHA keep pushing play bro, you'll ****** get there.haha.

  • Comedic gold. I thought I was having trouble starting P90X, but suddenly I feel quite a bit better after watching this guy, thanks.

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  • hahahah that guy is awesome. I love insanity. I'd like to see some updates to see if he makes it

  • Made my day Steve, thanks. I've done p90x twice and have 2 weeks left of Insanity. Love the Hybrid newsletters as well. Just wanted to say thanks…this cracked me up.

  • Heeeey, give us back the videos, I was away from my computer 🙁

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