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Virtual Giro

Ah, the most beautiful of all bike races begins tomorrow, along with the next phase of my training program. I love the Giro, and think I post something stating this every year, but this year it’s more accessible due to the participation of one Texan.

In fact, something like 12 Americans are lining up for the start and one, Levi Leipheimer, is among the favorites. My money would go on Italian Ivan Basso, but I looking for a surprising ride from the Z-Man, too. In fact, to see him in pink tomorrow night would be less than shocking. You can follow the race at all the usual media outlets but, mainly, check out Universal Sports will be broadcasting every kilometer on both the net and TV!

Universal Sports Giro Coverage

So now I need to announce my virtual Giro, which isn’t going to be in the same scope as last years, at least I don’t think. I have two long work trips that are going to make this challenging. But it’s supposed to be challenging, right?

Since riding isn’t my focus it’s going to look a little strange on paper. The goals of the next three weeks are:

Build climbing strength

Build cycling and running base

Increase flexibility

But in mimicking the Giro I also need to commit to something that follows the day in, day out, intensity of racing. I can’t follow their schedule exactly, but here’s what I plan to do.

Base Training

Train aerobically (running or riding) 20 out of 22 days

Do 10% of their kilometers

Time trial on TT days to gauge progress

Flexibility Training

Stretch post workout on 20 or 22 days

Strength Training

Do pull-ups and core training on 20 or 22 days, completing 2000 pull-ups and 2000 core movements (no crunches or anything wimpy)

For the six mountain top finishes, complete six big climbing days (I haven’t had one yet this year). A big day consists of at least 100 boulder problems, 30 easy routes, 20 moderate routes, or 10 hard routes, or something grade IV or above.

I’ll admit, this isn’t my most aesthetic virtual grand tour. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging.

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  • Nice plan! It’s good to know where you are, where you want to be and have a fun creative plan for getting where you want to be…you are lucky you have such a great sport to inspire your fitness…I’ve been following and playing tennis more but I don’t have the tennis club to mimic the clay season or anything…the Draw Challenge Circuit is pretty fun…I haven’t finished well on my picks yet but i’m still like 7000 out of 22000 mostly for showing up i guess (i’m 5 out of 5 for participation).I did not get to set a goal for the half marathon I participated in this morning…I didn’t even think i would finish…but I felt great at mile 6 and that would be the only place I could get a bus back to my car…so i just kept going…I don’t know how i did the other 2 halfs in years past without my mp3 player on my phone! The perfect songs came on at the perfect times on my shuffle. The course was beautiful and it was local…that could have made a big difference as the last one I did was in Denver and although i did snow ski earlier that year at Heavenly and considered it part of my training for the altitude it was a completely different climate that the Central Coast of California. It was the 3rd year they had the event but the first year I did it and next year I will be a woman with a goal and a plan.

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