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Viva la France!

Back to now-not-so-recent trip, here is Romney’s account of France. Tres magnifique!

Assault of Western Europe, Part IV: The French Revolution

It’s a long report, with heaps of pics. Enjoy!

In spite of their reputation for rudeness, I’ve always enjoyed the French people and their county. Very much so. This trip was being hosted by Americans. Namely, my friends Bruce and Alisa, whom I knew from my climbing days and, also, from hangin’ out at the art studio they opened just down the street from where I lived in LA. Like me, they were climbers turned cyclists. Like me, the loved the French lifestyle.

Bruce and Alisa were on taking a year off work and living in France. Actually, they still are. They have a blog that’s worth checking out, if just to make you jealous:

Our Juicy Life

After a few years of riding and racing I began climbing again. This hadn’t yet happened with Bruce or Alisa and it just seemed wrong given there were living amongst some of the most beautiful limestone walls in the world. One of the coolest things we did was to get Bruce back on a rope. He was a super strong climber, as well as a climbing instructor, back in the day. It was fun watching him, not only get psyched himself, but how his instructor-ness came back also. I think he taught Lisa more in a couple of days out than I have in a year.
bruce, attempting a F7b on his second climbing day in a decade. rad.
Actually, everything we did was super cool. The trip was amazing. It’s always hard to leave Europe and this time was no different. It was probably harder than ever. On our last days we were looking at bed and breakfasts. I hope they buy one because I can’t wait to go back.
our hosts and les artists at the incredible museum of the absurd.


  • man thanks for the kind words! We had such a great time with you guys. Hopefully we stay and buy a place. in which case the door's always open! Bruce

  • Hopefully you do stay! Still in culture shock being back home. Why is that? You guys must be busy (well, for rural France) getting ready for all your Tour festivities.

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