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Vive Le Tour

Vive le tour! from Bear Thunder on Vimeo.

With Le Tour and the Tour Challenge going on it’s clearly bike month so let’s celebrate the world’s most iconic bike race with a classic short film from famed director Louis Malle. It focuses not only on the bike race but the culture around the race. Having been there I can say Malle has captured it very well and, in fact, even though Vive Le Tour was filmed in ’62 it’s amazing how little the spectacle has changed. The bikes are more techie (though probably less cool), the doping excuses more sophisticated than “bad fish”, and feeding is more strategic than “pub raids”; but from the daily lifestyle of a town when a stage rolls through to the pre-race parade and the riders’ extreme suffering, Tour still looks very much like it did in the 60s.

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  • Ils sont tous dopes.-j

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