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Vuelta a Espana/ Congrats Levi

The Tour of Spain began this weekend. It’s the last Grand Tour of the year and it wanders around Spain’s “tranquello” countryside in a less tranquello manner. It’s generally a race for the climbers, as there is less time trialing and far more climbing than the Tour de France. It also tends to be very exciting. Last year, Vino took the jersey on the final descent of the final climb. This year, the fireworks begin on day four, Tuesday.

You can watch the entire race live on Cycling TV.

Except to say that last year’s podium is skipping the event due to doping allegations, I won’t even mention it. In fact, let’s go the other way and congratulate Levi Leipheimer, who just won the US National Championship race. Next year he’ll wear the stars and stripes for… someone, I’m sure. This is a fine culmination of an incredible season.

Levi hasn’t been mentioned in any doping scandal that I’ve heard of. Not a peep. As a grand tour rider this is rather rare these days, perhaps in unprecidented. He’s ridden on four different teams, all of which have had guys busted, and not a word of scuttlebutt that he might be involved. Is there another rider (GC not sprinter) of whom you could say this? Go Levi!

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