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I have a bunch of Psyche posts sitting around waiting for the right moment to get published. One was ready to go, and then this happened…

In case you’re mixing up surfing and skateboarding, this has never happened before. That’s because surfing occurs on water that’s, you know, moving, which is a “slightly” harder medium to control. This is not a 720, as the title suggests, but a 540. Whatever. It’s, as everybody there is noting, ridiculous. It also begs the question, that comes up every time something like this happens, is Kelly Slater the greatest athlete off all time in any sport? Whaaaat?!!!!!

It’s a serious question. Nearly a decade ago, 2005 maybe (can’t remember all that shit), I was at a surf festival in Bondi Beach, Australia. It finished with a tribute to Slater, who’d just won something super impressive, like his 10th World title  (I’m not really a surfer so I wasn’t really paying attention to the details) at an age where you’re more likely to have fathered a grom  winning contests than doing it yourself, and it was a question on Sport Center and the rest of the mainstream media.

He’s now 42, and still looks and acts like a kid. Second in the world rankings, doing stuff that’s never been done before, ignoring any media banter that gets in the way of actually going surfing and acting like it could have been anyone. “He could have got that session. Where’s he? …home, like, editing videos or something…What’s he doing today?”

That’s right, people. Kelly Slater is giving you shit for sitting around talking about doing stuff instead of actually doing it. What are you doing today? Get out there.

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  • Ha! “What’s he doing today?”

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