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What Could be Cooler Than A…

Birthday Challenge?

The more I see others doing them the more I can answer “nothing”. Micah’s challenge this weekend was epic. But more than that–because many things qualify as epic these days–it was cool. And fun. And, I’ll bet if you ask him, he’d tell you that it was rather meaningful and life altering also.

Here is a slide show from Bob’s web site.

Because they’re so personal, birthday challenges seem to enable each participant to break through barriers and sort out some meaning about how we amble through life like little else I’ve seen. Unlike sports, classes, books or self-help seminars, all of which are designed for mass participation, the personal nature of these challenges gives them a uniqueness like little else. They may be ridiculous, serious, silly or extreme but one thing they all share is that they are a reflection of the personality and dreams of an individual. And what could be cooler than that?

Here are two challenge blogs that I posted today.



above pic: Catra and friends during 43 hours of running.

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  • Almost done with my final report. There’s a lot to say and I might as well say it well…

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