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November 22, 2008 posted by

What I’m Doing Tomorrow

For those of you who’ve asked, here’s a quick update on what I’m going to try tomorrow. This week’s been busy. In fact, the year’s been busy. As late as yesterday this was on the verge of not happening. But the weather seems to be cooperating so, what the hell; might as well get out there and suffer a bit. It’s not nearly as ambitious as last year, but challenges are about where you’re at right now anyway.

So here’s the deal:

Climb 4 routes in 8 different canyons (so 32 routes), using my bike as transport.
Then run up a mountain, gaining at least 4,000′ over at least 8 miles, and finish at my house.

So the entire challenge is non-motorized, save for the dinner part (hmm, maybe re-think dinner but it’s hard to accomodate a bunch of people on a Sat night).

I must ride at least 48 miles and gain at least 4,800′. I need to on-sight 4/8th of the routes. All of these should be well eclipsed.

Then I need to eat 4 pieces of birthday cake (Romney’s idea) and finish 8 drinks. Somehow, I fear the cake more, but the drinks have gotten me before.

So that’s about it. If anyone reads this and is in town we’re planning dinner at 8:48 at East/West. Call me if you’d like to join us. We have a very small group and they said they can accomodate more. Sorry about the bad planning but this is an off-the-couch challenge of sorts. The suffering, however, could be just as bad as ever.

My wife (B and Tuc where possible) is the only person joining me during the challenge this year. This year’s been pretty much about us anyway, so that seems fitting. She’ll drive, belay, and climb whenever she feels like it. So I’ll be self motorized but not my support crew. This is a bit different from Trent’s challenge a few weeks back but I thought this would be sort of boring for him, since my hardest climb is probably 11b or so.

I’d better try and get some sleep. Thanks for your interest. Louie, give a shout out to everyone at Hangar 18.

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  • happy birthday steve and i hope the challenge went well…i’m planning my 45th challenge and it looks like it will involve gaining 45 lbs and at that it won’t be much of a challenge…looking forward to your report!marc

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