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January 25, 2012 posted by

What We’re Doing Wrong & How To Do It Better

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The title is a line from yesterday’s video-ish chat. The ish is due to a little malfunction part way in so it becomes sort of a radio show with some slides of me doing stuff. The moderator is my colleage, part of Beachbody’s illustrious fitness team, the lovely Steph Saunders. Keith the Dude also has a few baritone interludes.

Topics include some personal stories from childhood, things I like and don’t like, the Cold War, sports I’ve played and, of course, a lot of questions and answers including why PAP training is hard, the prowess of Jim Thorpe, what to do after P90X2, caloric deficits, overtraining, Shakeology cleanse and zig-zagging, pre-workout supplements, how to tell if you need a multi-vitamin, fish oil, skin elasticity, and more. If you’ve got an hour you need to kill check it out. Hopefully you’ll be entertained or at least learn something new.


  • you get paid for this?

  • You're probably thinking it sounds better than your job. And you're right. It is. However the chance that we get bought out by Nike or Adidas and retire is significantly reduced from your situation.

  • I didn't listen to anything you said Steve, I was watching Steph's boobs.

  • That's the real reason why the screen blacked out. So we'd pay attention.

  • Hello,I have a question about your blog, could you email me?David

  • Really appreciate the time you spent in hitting up questions and addressing various items here. Good stuff.

  • What the hell is that on your chin? Couldn't you take that off?

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