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July 2, 2008 posted by

What’s Colorless and Tasteless And Smells Like . . . Money?

My friend Josh just sent me this under the title, “Awesome”.
I would say it’s unbelievable but you’ve heard that from me before. I’ve been writing about bottled water for quite a few years now. Here’s an article from last summer:

And I’m not alone. But instead of helping the issue it seems to still be growing. Some water is selling for a million times its tap price. Ugh.

Along these lines, I recommend the movie Idiocracy. This is the story of a guy who gets sent to a future, where humanity has dumbed itself down to the point where they’re dying off because they water their crops with something like Gatorade, which is happening because they corporation had just bought the FDA so it could increase its profits. It’s pretty over the top but, the way we’re going, the only unbelievable thing in the film is that it takes place 500 years in the future. At the rate we’re going this will happen in our lifetime. Sheesh.

Here’s the link:

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  • but gatorade has electrolytes, what plants need. i’d comment more but ouch my balls just came on.marc

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