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Which Is Harder?

VIDEO: BD athlete Adam Ondra repeating Chilam Balam (9b) and making the first ascent of La Planta de Shiva (9b) in Spain from Black Diamond Equipment on Vimeo.

The Friday Psyche presents more Adam Ondra. In these two vids we see climbing’s Harry Potter attempt three routes in the running for title of world’s hardest. Does one look harder to you? One does to me but since my chances or redpointing any of them is about as good as me winning the current Vuelta a Espana that I’m not riding it’s not really important. It’s just an excuse to feature a couple more very well made videos that showcase some spectacular rock climbing. Fall is just around the corner. Time to get into climbing shape!

ADAM ONDRA – Working Golpe de Estado in Siurana from BERNARTWOOD on Vimeo.


  • Did Adam repeat Jumbo Love yet, Is there a harder route out there? This guy at a very young age is surpassing most pros.

  • He is a pro. The best climber in the world right now by far. He's onsighted more 8c+s this year than the rest of the world combined in history and he's now cleaning up Chris' projects (see vid in link). No America trip yet (not enough hard routes for him), and I'm sure JL is still up there, but I'm guessing he'll do it in a handful of tries spread over a few days.

  • can you please go to team beachbody message board and answer questions on the Q and A thread YOU started?

  • You're going to have to be a bit more specific. I've started a lot of threads over the years. If you're referring to the new X2 forum it's had an tech issue and hasn't been working. Should have it back online soon. Sorry, if that's the case, but that's life on the interweb.

  • Barbell Maniac seems a little US centric. Obviously Chris is hyper-talented, but I think Ondra is better. Ondra has done so many hard routes lately, considerably more than Chris has done in the same time period. Doing Jumbo Love doesn't mean sh!T when you consider all the other things that Ondra has done, including his competition success.

  • La Plata looked harder to me than Golpe or Chilam, but I would be psyched to get to the first bolt on any of them.

  • Unreal. I have a tough enough time getting through mountain climber phase in an Asylum workout. I can't even imagine doing that right now, or anything close to it.

  • Great vids. Hard to say what looks harder. He makes Chilam look like a jug haul almost, which is crazy considering it's longstanding rep. Golpe just looks like such a Sharma style route, bouldery resistance. The Plata footage though is just awesome. Makes me feel like I could try a little harder on my 7b redpoint attempts! (also makes me feel like a wuss when I get a little sketched doing a hard move a little ways above a bolt…). Such good stuff, cant wait to get on some local limestone with you.

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