Why This Blog?

Here’s the reason I do this.


The woman that sent this medal and note to me has lost nearly 200 pounds. She’s deaf. She’s nearly blind. When she told her doctor her dream was to run a marathon he said “never.” No one believed her. No one would work with her. Except me. Because I don’t believe people who say you can’t do stuff. They piss me off. Now she runs marathons. All the time. In fact, she teachers others with illnesses and disabilities to train for races and triathlons and raises money for charity. I’m not naming her because she’s private. So much so that I once wrote and article about her and she refused to let me publish it. All of my trophies and medals reside in the garage. This one’s in the house. She’s my hero.

Anyway, this is why I write this blog when I’d rather be outside. Because, hopefully, it will be helpful to someone. If my life’s template can be of any use to anyone than please, use it. The least I can do is record it. So, as you may have gathered, Involuted Style is about education. It may not look like it, as it will often masquerade as a long-running inside joke about movies, literature, and excessive amounts of ridiculously-fueled suffering. But, hey, I used to be a teacher. I see education failing all around us. Education requires inspiration. Silliness can inspire. I’m happy to play the clown. To quote one of my favorite over-the-top bad guys Franz, from the unintentional comedy (my favorite genre) Aspen Extreme, “no, be silly.”

My definition of fitness is to have a body the doesn’t limit the things you want to do. Whether it’s to run 100 mile races, climb mountains, spend 40 hours a weekend in the mall or just keep your kids entertained, that goal works. Keep your body healthy and it won’t hold you back. I know how to do that, and it’s why I’m here.