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Workout From Hell, “Base Campusing”, & Other Foundation Phase Thoughts

Workout From Hell, “Base Campusing”, & Other Foundation Phase Thoughts

My foundation training is an amalgamation of some things I’ve written before, so here’s a reference post to catch you up. It seems like it’s going well, though very hard to say since I’m adapting like crazy, but you don’t gauge your training by how you perform in the foundation phase so those thoughts are moot. Hands are getting stronger, fingers bigger, pull-ups and lock-offs easier, so it must be working.

Here’s a article on why you shouldn’t base your program on results in the first phase. I have been sore, hungry, and feeling a bit slow.


Twice a week I’ve been following this protocol, except I’ve been hanging 12 on/6 off. The added 2 seconds is brutal. Don’t feel very strong but it’s my first time doing 12/6 so have nothing to base it against. Here’s some more background. Stevie Haston is where the change to 12 second change came from. Gotta listen to Stevie!


“Foundation” campusing is almost an oxymoron but seems to be working. I’ve never done such dedicated, yet simple, campusing. Just up and down laddering on alternate rungs and simple touches with a one-rung skip, about 10 sets total. The theory is that it’s prepping for bigger things. We’ll see.

The Workout From Hell

Specifically, 30 is the new 20, is my repetition scheme for building a strong base but you can read through the entire WFH for climbing by starting here. After campusing and hanging, 2x per week, I’m doing a full body workout similar to this one but using more of the exercises from this workout (minus the explosive movements—no PAP during foundation), along with some from this workout and the workout below.

Per usual, there’s some experimentation at work as well. I’ll post the final observations, as well as the actual workouts, at the end of the block in a couple of weeks.

pic: this post just an excuse to post pics of 90’s rock goddess, isabelle patissier. 

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  • I am not a climber, however this video – Fingerboarding was very educational for me – it’s finally clicked in my head that it takes six weeks minimum for the muscle to get noticeably stronger, therefore just go with the program and don’t get discourage! Also, what he said about only working out twice per week on that muscle group not more – there is the gold in that understanding too, bcs we have a tendency to overdo with the hope of getting results faster I am often guilty of that! And I know that most Beachbody programs designed that way but somehow it is different when you hear it from people who doing sport specific training… It is helpful to me especially bcs I never done sport specific training… Thank you Steve for that video! Just enjoying this level of fitness education so much! Very smart and to the point! Now on to the second part of the article…

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