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Yak Attack, Part I

It’s time to head to Nepal for The Yak Attack, one of the “5 toughest races on earth.” I don’t feel in top form, though not too bad for a guy who hasn’t taken a day off of work in 16 months, and hope I’ ready for

Experience Nepal up close and dirty, no luxuries!

Just you, your bike and 400km of some of the most brutal terrain on earth.

From the hot and dusty lowland foothills,

To the snow covered, oxygen thin, Thorong La pass (5416m)

The race, however, hasn’t been on my mind at all. I figure it’ll reset my de facto adventure mode, making it the easy part. The crux of this endeavor has been how to get away from the grind for two consecutive 2-week periods without being connected to the world. We’re about to find out.

The Yak Attack looks like an amazing adventure and I’m getting more and more psyched as I read quotes like these:

“Its not a race of man versus man, its man versus nature and nature has the upper hand” – Phil Stasiw (UK) 2007.

“This is totally raw mountain bike racing” – Steve Rysedale (UK) 2010.

“This is the toughest race I have done, its the sh**s, I love it !!!” – Henri Lesewitz (Germany) 2012.

Perusing the web site will give you a pretty good taste, from the above video to Sonya Looney’s great race reports, to a this video odyssey that looks most excellent if you can understand German.

Here are a few other links where you can follow the action

Rider profiles and latest news


Updated race reports will be spotty because most of the race lacks connection.

Along with the race I’m going to chronicle the entire trip, beginning with a short visit with my brother in India and followed by a trek up the Khumbu Valley. These, along with some race training, a bike review, and perhaps some “normal” blogs will fill the time between now and the race reports. They’ll often by launched while I’m incommunicado so if your comments don’t post it’s because they’re waiting for me to sift through the spam.

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  • Sounds like a tremendous evet.I enjoy your writing and learn a lot. I am starting the PAP phase of X2. I am 52 and have had both hips replaced. I am trying to preserve them so I try to limit jumping and running. Have been doing X for several years and when jumping comes up I jump and my pure core and sprint as a substitute for the exercise. I am doing the same for the 2 middle exercises in both the PAP lower complexes. (hope that's not too confusing). Are there other low impact things I could substitute? Any generally thoughts given my limitations.I am training for overall fitness and to improve my golf.I find these X2 workout sto be the spectacular. Wish I had them when I had my hips!Thanks Ed Aprahamian

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