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Yak Attack: 2014

Yak Attack: 2014

A year ago today, I was in Nepal getting ready for what would be the coolest bike race I’ve ever done. The Yak Attack, part race, part adventure, is a 11-stage odyssey through the most mountainous country on earth that tops out at nearly 18,000′ . I’m not there this year. In fact, it’s been such a busy year that it feels like a lifetime ago. Hearing of the riders arrival in Kathmandu brings back  fond memories and, thus, it becomes this weekend’s Psyche.

To follow this year’s race, you can check out their Facebook page or the Yak Attack official site. As you can see, the race it still, as it should be, a grass roots affair. Good luck everyone. Have a blast! Someday, I hope to join you again.

Below are my race reports. I attempted to capture what it’s like to be there, as both a racer and traveler. Using words, images, and video from myself and many others, I did my best to give this  fantastic event a proper homage. Hopefully you’ll find it both adventurous and inspiring. It’s a very cool world we live in. Get out there and explore it!


Kathmandu Mtn Biking &Pre-Race Thoughts

Stage 1: “Back To What Feels Like A Dream”

Stage 2: “A Little Bit Up, A Little Bit Down”

Stage 3: The Racers

Stage 4: Down To The Bare Minimum

Stage 5: The Locals

Stage 6: Dal Bhat Power, 24 Hour

Stage 7: 5 Different Words For (Moving Your Bike Through) Snow

Rest, Manang, & A Guy Called Snow Monkey

Stage 8: “The Hardest 16k of My Life”

Stage 9: Racing at 18,000′

Stage 10: Tough Guys

Stage 11: Phil Evans – Mad Genius

Final Thoughts

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