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A Year In The Mountains

A Year In The Mountains

Happy holidays! To bring the year to a close we’ll focus on motivation for 2014. We’ll get back into more specific fitness and nutrition info soon enough. For now, be entertained and, hopefully, get psyched as well. At work, our yearly recaps tend to look like this:



I never grow tired of them. The best part of my job, by far, is watching people change their lives. That I get paid to help is gravy because I used to do it for free and still would if this gig hadn’t come about. What inspires me even more, given I’m an outdoorsy type, is seeing people take their new bodies for a drive around the block.

In the above video, mountain guide Rob Johnson recaps a year of adventures around the world. Unlike most videos on the interweb, however, these are obtainable by most anyone who keeps themselves in good shape. I used to guide and some of my favorite memories are of those times. Comments like “if someone told me before this weekend that I’d climb something like that (while looking up at a 1,000′ face we’d just done) and would have said ‘you’re crazy'” still linger like they were yesterday. It’s powerful stuff.

One of the questions I’m always asked is “what’s next?” Once you’ve gone through, say, the X series you can’t get much fitter. This opens up a whole world of possibilities, something that’s often overlooked. The person on the left couldn’t read a magazine, look at a travel brochure, or watch TV with an open mind about what’s possible. The person on the right can. Once you’re fit the only thing holding you back is yourself. It’s a big world. Get out there and experience it!


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