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Zombie Roof Solo

For your weekend Psyche here’s another vid of Canadian climber Will Stanhope free soloing Zombie Roof (5.12d). The climbing is almost anti-climactic. What I dig about the vid is the historical perspective presented.

Soloing is a very personal thing, which doesn’t really make it the best fodder for motivation. But the mindset here is a very logical progression, where the solo is not so much a daredevil stunt or an adrenaline rush but a natural extension of the of both the sport and the area. Great accomplishments always pay homage to the history of their setting. Otherwise they tend to ring hollow. At least that’s how it feels to me, anyway. Enjoy the reflection as well as the journey. Otherwise you’re missing out on half the experience.

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  • Just relocated for job to Columbia, SC: I was looking around at different fitness centers to join, looking for something cool and low key. Although I'm afraid of heights, your constant posting of climbing videos has made me continually give consideration to trying my hand at climbing. Watching this video accomplished a few things: It made my palms sweat, my feed throb and pound as blood rushed to them, a became a little bit nauseated, and I made my decision on which gym to join: Stronghold Fitness: It has a 45 foot climbing room, and 2 caving rooms. Friday Psyche indeed sir!

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